For the occasion, Almany designed a "partner "sculpture to the wind-sock she made as part of an earlier presentation (curated by Dillon in collaboration with SCRANCH the previous year), "Uh huh."  where artists installed one-by-one on piece of land in the Wonder Valley Desert and were experienced through remote viewing via livestream during lockdown. For OPAF, the environment would be outdoors, in physical space with viewers and participants. The "partner" became "tent title (overheard)." 

In collaboration with Meridian Exhibitions and SCRANCH QuorumQuorum presented Alexa Almany at Other Places Art Fair 2021 in San Pedro. 


A subtle group show arose in support as Almany's works were conceived and constructed including flip books by the artist, tablet videos with sound and propagated plants by Jessica Dillon & Karolina Lavergne.