a conversation

a call

and response


a holding


the body is seemingly solid

the threads, they hold it together

it is not a knot 

at the end

but a common tension

an alertness


as support


passed back and forth

these fabrics seemed to draw out

to hold an energy 


we could no longer hold ourselves 


held by each other


by a rock

near a tree


with the light

from a window 


a force of embodiment

leaves me




This handmade artist edition is made to order.





Excerpted spreads were scanned with the fabrics from the photos overlaid behind. Book is sewn and bound together with silk pink thread. All poems are set in Garamond. Photographs and poems by Jessica Dillon and Karolina Lavergne.


An excerpt of Body Threads has been published in the Capilano Review's ti-TCR 19: on ritual, a webfolio, edited by Lauren Lavery. The chapbook is live on The Capilano Review's website to view and download: https://thecapilanoreview.com/project/ti-tcr-19/

"...Rituals often begin physically in the body, manifesting as a sequence of actions, gestures, thoughts, and intentions, which eventually form into habits. We might consider a humble ritual... The pieces included in ti-TCR 19: on ritual resonate firstly through their varied bodies—bodies made from a continuous line or of fraying fabric; bodies cast in bronze and soap or formed from wet cut grass; bodies traveling over ancestral lands; bodies covered in band-aids." -- Editor's note


Body Threads

Jessica Dillon & Karolina Lavergne, 2021


$38 + shipping


5.5” x 3.75” x 0.75” 

Handmade, glued and sewn.

Full Color

68 pages

Made to order

Body Threads